Forced Cigar Smoke

Pretty obvious I'm really into this scene. If you are too, I hope you enjoy. Even more, I hope you want to make some with me!

These do have sound, but because only the camera mic was used, not much gets picked up.

I have put the run time and the size just in case you are on a slow connection.

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The first of 4 rather basic, and very old videos. this with a small cigar Time: 1:04
Size: 8.5 meg
And again, same thing, different time. Time: 3:27
Size: 27.2 meg
The cigar gets a little bigger here. Time: 1:17
Size: 10 meg
And here it is fucking huge! Time: 1:52
Size: 14.8 meg
This is an edited video of a great time that lasted about 15 minutes. I am wearing a neoprene hood, and into that is inserted an inflatable latex gag. I am strapped by the neck to a post, and my hands are cuffed behind my back. Not a chance I'll go anywhere with my head left behind. The top in the scene said that I would finish a whole (and thankfully small) cigar from start to end, and he would mix it up by sometimes inflating the gag, and sometimes letting me catch a little air. He was very camera shy, so anything with him in the picture was edited out. It turned out I did get a break farily early in the scene, and I discovered I could push the gag out quite a bit. Not to be deterred, he grabbed a head harness, strapped it in place, and took off where he left off - and it was a lot tougher. Loved the scene - loved that it was over! Time: 3:09
Size: 38 meg
This, and the next three videos you may have seen previously around the net. Actually made as promotional videos for the products I'm wearing, they are, still me. This, one of two with a nice 60 ring - real short. Time: 0:50
Size: 10 meg
Basically the same Time: 0:50
Size: 10 meg
This is another video using the inflatable gag. A little less severe, until he decided that it wasn't severe enough, and took matters into his own "hands". Time: 5:15
Size: 63 meg
OK, so the smoke wasn't enough, how about using it as a deep throat trainer? Time: 1:51
Size: 23 meg