I know I said that I built this site pretty cigar centric, but I am more than happy to post a few photos of a little bondage fun. Click on any one for a full size version.
One of my first tasks when I moved here was to create a little outdoor space that could stand some serious suspension.
Yes, it is totally secluded. And yes, that gap is supposed to be there. Just about waist high and you can bend into it just right!
And here it got some use by one of my boys. The rope handiwork goes to my other boy.
One of my boys stopped over for a visit, and I had just finished up my bondage chair, so he stuck around for a short stay.
Here it is vacant (and in need of paint). Care to have a seat?
One of my boys just sitting around watching TV. Well, listening! He's in a straitjacket made from inner tubes.
Yes, the strap on the arms is undone. We broke it a little earlier!
Just got a new favorite toy and took a few quick posed shots with it. Will get more, but if you're my size they could be of you.
  This is actually my old suit, I have a new one which fits a LOT better, but I haven't had time to get more photos taken.