I don't think I can put together a site and not be willing to tell you a bit about myself, my personal self. Most of you will bail before you get very far, and I'm fine with that. Therefore I'll start with "now" and end with "then". I also figure an imaginary Q&A format might work...

Stats? (I fucking hate that)

I'm no kid, at least chronologically. As a friend says; "it happens". I am certainly a kid inside, and really act a lot younger than I am. 60+. I'm just a fraction shy of 6 feet, I weigh 145, I'm no athlete, but things could be worse! As for the other often asked stat: Go look for some pictures! I am college edumacated, and actually was a college instructor years ago.


The most wonderful one anyone could ever ask for. Unfortunately it ended over 15 years ago due to cancer. Since then I have two boys I love and cherish.

So you do the collaring "thing"?

Nope, I don't do a "thing". They aren't collared for a few days, and I won't have to re-write this page every month to announce a new boy. They have been mine, and I theirs, for five and seven years. The love I have for them is no less than (but different from) the love I had for my other half.

Where do you live?

The west coast of central Florida. Very near the Gulf of Mexico, and closer still to Weeki Wachee (go look it up - neat place).

Florida native?

Nope. Born and raised in the woods of Connecticut (get away from the shore - there's a lot of woods in Connecticut). Bailed from the winters in 2011.

What do you do?

Try not to mix personal with business. Some of you may know me, but if you don't I'll just say "leather is my life".

When did you get into BDSM?

When I was 19, officially. But I was tying up guys, and getting tied, in the state forest that abutted my home when I was 14. Then it was play, now it is "play".

So is leather play the only thing that you do for R&R?

Almost wish I could say "yup", but that isn't possible; if it were I think I would grow to hate it. I am a theme park nut (that's one of the reasons why I moved specifically here). I have a pass to just about everything, and when a free day arises I am off and gone. I've never met a coaster, a dark ride, a show, that I didn't like. I also like to swim, hike, SCUBA (but that's been a while), and "social interaction" - drinks, dinner, movies, and so forth.

What's your Kik, Facebook, Twitter?

Null, null, null. I have to deal with electronic communication, websites, and socal media daily to make a living. I spent a bit of time putting this together so that I might meet some decent guys, maybe have some play. How about we talk? Besides, until Facebook makes a really huge improvement in its interface, you will just have to meet someone to have any play.

What pisses you off?

Me: TRYING to save server space - deleting 50,000 things that I listed that piss me off..
In truth, very few things. Dishonesty. I hit the delete key (on the conversation, and the person). Crappy old drivers. Am I the only one over 60 in Florida who knows how to hit the gas pedal? "Neediness". We all have something to offer. Just because what you (or I) have to offer doesn't mesh with the other person, is that a reason to become the world's biggest pest? Recognize we can't be all things to all people.

You come off sounding all top, yet most of your photos are you on the bottom, what's up?

I sound all top because that is where I am, most of the time. I do enjoy the bottom now and then, and especially so in cigar scenes. The reason most of the photos show me on the bottom is I didn't ask permission from others to post theirs. I never post a photo, obscured or not, of someone else without their permission. I also repeat this question on my FAQ page, as I get asked about this, often.

Do you have anything else to say?

Why the fuck are you still reading? Go look at some videos or some pictures already! Or better still, drop me a note and let's get to know one another!