Some gear shots, and my interests

I have re-arranged a lot since these photos, and have to take a bunch more, but in the meantime here is some of my gear. At the same time I'll tell you a little about my interests.

You can click on any thumbnail for a bigger version. There is often a little more information in the pop up window.

I am a gear fanatic. As you'll see here my interests are pretty varied.

Let's start with head gear. I really don't think a scene is complete unless your head is covered in come kind of gear. Keeps your mind focused, and at the same time if you're blindfolded it keeps you just that little bit on edge wondering what I'm up to.

Hoods, gas masks, muzzles, and other things are available in my arsenal.

A bottom needs to be suitably collared, and often gagged.
Leather restraints are great, but so is steel!
And then there's staying in place... a few straps, a few padlocks.
Controlling the cock and balls is not only fun for me, but probably one of the things a bottom most appreciates. I mean, you really won't be using it for a while, now will you?

Yeah, there's a few things for the other side as well!

Electricity is one of my favorite things. If you're new to it, I can go really easy. If you're advanced, hell, there's enough here to occupy even the most jaded bottom. Use a lot of audio controlled e-stim as well. Absolutely the best way to provide a wide range of sensations and variations.
Let's be sure those tits get a little attention as well.
I'm not into fisting, but I do enjoy keeping a guys hole nicely filled.

Some of these fit onto my little impalement device and slowly and steadily work their way up your ass while you're strapped into the bondage chair.

A nice cozy "nightie", actually one of two.
Play a little heavier? The two in the front can be tough, the one in the back lands so hard you don't feel it on your skin, you feel it inside of you.
I have found that elastic bandages can be a lot of fun. Wrap up the cock and balls nice and tight... it keeps getting worse as time elapses.
I've never met a piece of rope I didn't like.
Introduce smoke, or just for the fun and feel of it, gas masks are another favorite of mine.
Sound like fun?
I am not restricted to leather either. Some sports gear I find hot as hell to play in. Especially football and hockey!
There's a lot more (like I barely have a single restraint in the photos), and then there's the space as well - not the greatest, but does have some nice equipment. As I said, I have done a lot of moving things around in the house, now all I have to do is find the time to take more photos.