#1 question, always asked: Can we play?

I have to be very clear about this. If you are asking, the answer is probably NO. Why? Because I play with people with whom I have struck up a conversation, probably met, and we BOTH feel there is a chemistry. Not a marriage, a chemistry. If you don't already feel it, then I don't either. If we have had some sort of interaction, you probably already know how I feel. If we haven't spoken then you can be damn sure we're not at the play point. Am I being an ass? Judge for yourself; I'm content with who I am. If you are just hitting this page and are interested, then for god's sake, start up a conversation! There are many people I consider friends with whom I've never played. Some I never will, some we just haven't had the chance. There is no one on earth with whom I am ready to play if we have never even chatted.

OK, then can we at least meet?

Hell yes. As long as we have had at least a passing introduction. I love meeting new people, and will gladly meet for a beer or a dinner.

What are you into?

If you haven't gotten the idea yet, and you have read my other pages, then I have no intention of answering that question. Being an ass again? You try putting a site together and spending hours trying to lay it all out neat and clear. That's why I spent all the time I did doing this.

Will I be hurt?

Only if you ask nicely.

What are your sexual preferences?

I have sex every time I play, just most of the time my dick doesn't leave my pants. Sex is in the mind, in the moment, and in the enjoyment of what you are doing. That's why as BDSM players we are so different, so unique, and so lucky. If it comes to it, and it usually doesn't, I am very anally oriented. If the mood strikes, I like to plow an ass - hard and strong. If I don't touch you, that has no bearing on the quality of the scene. Let's also do an aside here. The top isn't necessarily the one with his dick up an ass. I like a good fuck now and then as well. The top is the one who DECIDES whose dick is up whose ass.

Then on sex, do you play safe?

I always practice, and demand from others, safer sex. This is the one point in which the bottom can dictate to the top. My definition of safer sex is condoms for anal at all times. If yours is more strict than mine, then I'll abide by your wishes, or not partake in "insertional" sex.

I'm interested in BDSM, my dick says yes, my mind says stay away. What advice do you have?

I can only relate my own experience, and this is 100% true, so bear with me. I was 19 years old, had had gay sex, but purely vanilla, and answered an ad in a local gay rag (yeah - no internet then). I wanted so much to do what this guy laid out, and he sounded so nice and strong and commanding on the phone. We set up a date. Two days before I gave him a lame excuse. We set up another date, I came up with another lame excuse. We set up a third date, I actually canceled from a pay phone in front of his fucking apartment building (yeah, no cell phones either) . We set up a fourth date (why he even bothered was beyond me). I showed up. Scared as shit, and wanting to leave before we even sat down. We talked, he showed me gear, I was hard. He let me try some stuff on, and never tied me. I was a pig in shit. It got late, and I had to leave (really, had to get back to college for an 8:00 class the next day). He invited me back. I went. I got tied up, I got tortured, I got fucked. I never turned back. The best thing I can do in his memory is provide the same experience for someone else, and maybe turn his life around as he did mine.

So why is your site so cigar centric if you say you are into all this other stuff?

Have you had any trouble finding gay bondage, gay fucking, gay SM photos? Do you have any problem reading about the same? No, didn't think so. I am into all of the above, really into all of the above. Cigar play doesn't happen in 95% of my play. But, it is a fetish of mine, and it is shared by a select group of others, many of whom I have never met. Therefore I put my fetish up front, and figure you can imagine the rest without photos or videos. If you think cigars are my only scene, you clearly haven't visited my gear page. If cigars are a turn on for you, I can only ask "Why haven't you aleady hit the contact page"?

I'm going to be in your area, can I come stay?

Hell, I live in central Florida, half the fucking world visits my area. I'm within about an hour of Disney, Busch Gardens, Sea World, Universal Studios, the beaches, and all that weird tourist crap they are building on I-Drive. If we have met the parameters in "Can we play", I can suggest some very nice and very reasonable motels within 15 minutes or less of my place (there's reasonable motels within 15 minutes or less of EVERYWHERE in Florida). I rarely invite first time guests to stay in my home. Had a couple of bad experiences with that and damn near threw a party when they left. Don't need the stress. Let's just have a nice day or evening the first time. If all works out really well, you'll stay... strapped to a bondage board or at my feet in a sleep sack. But my home is primarily reserved for family (my adopted) and very unique guests.

Well, then can I at least see your play space?

Please see "Can we play", above. Florida has strict requirements for tourist attractions, therefore I'm not one.

Can you post more photos of X or a video of X?

Sure! Just give me your credit card number to cover production costs. Yup, being an ass again. If I have something I feel is worth sharing, it will go up on my site. If you would like to see something, then head all the way back to "Can we play" and let's make it together!

You come off sounding all top, yet most of your photos are you on the bottom, what's up?

I sound all top because that is where I am, most of the time. I do enjoy the bottom now and then, and especially so in cigar scenes. The reason most of the photos show me on the bottom is I didn't ask permission from others to post theirs. I never post a photo, obscured or not, of someone else without their permission. I also repeat this question on my "about me" page, as I get asked about this, often.

You have to know this forced cigar thing is really bad for you, why do you do it?

I'll limit my answer on that to a simple statement. We all take risks, and decide for ourselves if they are worth the rewards. I won't question yours, and this topic is closed with prejudice.

So what is it you are looking for, so I know if I may be it?

That's hard to answer, as is often said about art, "I'll know it when I see it". For me it is; I'll know when we've met. Some clues: Clearly if you're into cigars then we are on the same track. If you're not into cigar play, but are not cigar-adverse then that allows me to indulge my fetish while topping you. Being anti-cigars does not rule you out, however. Guys that like to play 50/50 can be extra fun, but I find I usually entertain 100% bottoms, so that's OK too. If you're purely bottom you also can't come with a huge list of limits, or an unwillingness to experiment. Worse yet is a list of "I want". Approach with that, and ours will be a short conversation. The ability to focus your attention. If we can't have a conversation before or after play because you're already hitting Facebook; we're done. There is far less of a body type attraction for me than a personality type attraction. I love pups (I own two - my boys). Pup, however, is far more than putting on some gear and romping. It is the fun, adventuresome, "devil-may-care" attitude that pups have (no matter their age). That will draw me to you, especially if you're pure bottom, more than anything else. A sense of humor. Things go wrong in a scene, and sometimes funny shit just does happen. If I'm thinking "lighten up" when we're first talking, then playing is going to be tough. As I said, hard to answer. I hope this gave you some insight.

Are you always "in scene"?

Well, I assume you mean, am I always a strict hard ass? Not necessarily. Some people visit and want that experience, and then I am. But despite the strict demeanor often seen on these pages, I am really very easy going. I like to cook for my guests, I like to just "hang out", I'll take you to tourist spots and I rarely, if ever, show a temper outside of a scene. Most people who do visit me experience some heavy play and strict rules, followed by a period of just visiting, and enjoying each other's company. I know we can do this because we have already covered the bases in "Can we play".